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SubjectRe: 1.3.97 doesnt compile and will not compile with 2940

> > Strange..... it worked fine for me.....
> >
> > Graham

Worked fine for me, too...

> No, it is impossible. It does NOT compile for you just like it doesnt
> compile for me unless you did what I did, which is copied file
> aic7xxx_seq.h from 1.3.95 distribution to /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi.

I didn't do this. Nonetheless, the file exists.

> Other alternatives are:
> 1. You are using modules and, therefore, its a totally "different Universe"
> of which I know nothing and cant comment

I am using modules, but I do not build sd or aic7xxx as

> 2. You used patch against previous version whereas I always download new
> linux-XXX.tar.gz file (its only a few megs... :) and I have this

I *usually* patch, however, this particular time I had
fallen a few versions behind, and decided it was time to
start fresh.

> superstitous fear of using patches, the fresh kernel looks "nicer")
> and, therefore, you had the file left there from previous version.

> 3. Miracle happened and aic7xxx_seq.h got created by itself on your host
> (possible but highly unlikely IMHO)

Or, a hex was placed and aic7xxx_seq.h was swallowed up on
your machine. Though unlikely, it seems more likely to me.
After all, it is easier to destroy than to create.

Michael J. Micek, peripatetic philosopher. (currently)
Am hirable (consulting, problem-solving, whatever). Finger for details.

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