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SubjectAlan's bug catalogue
What I have at the moment on the bug list for 2.0.9+collected patches (I'll
post these soon).

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Bad CD crashes machine in sbpcd [2.0 pre7 , #9 not yet checked]
Bad CD crashes machine with SCSI [patched added, untested]
SCSI disk crashes under load (repeated reset/timeout etc)
MTU discovery bug for a few people [have traces not yet debugged]
Double lock on device queue/socket destroy delayed repeatedly
mcd module unload while in use (unverified)
TCP hang 2.0 pre7

Double lock on device queue
A few people get negative values on kfree counts. Something is doing a wrong
free type probably
Stuck sockets still in CLOSED mainly and have timer running.
ASB not free! on token ring card seems to lose a buffer and lock driver
Musserver crashes SB16 driver

mrouted unable to send reports for multicast addresses from one user
TCP bug send list out of order
Cant insmod e2fs in .9 (needs securelevel adding)
Fasync crash on sparc + odd ix86 reports
Limit for data size should include data/bss
sl0 busy and MOD_IN_USE

Cosmetic/Experimental Only
Bridge has bugs with packet forwarding maybe
Bridge memory leak suspicion
Why do a lot of the socket destroy delayed people have an SMC ultra - chance
or driver bug
Make xconfig doesnt set all config opts right (NETLINK)
SMP microtimer has problems with atomicity

acct() disk corruption report.
panic: ip_evictor
SMB crash smb_proc_connect [looks like a recursion crash]
Stale messages on PPro + myrinet - hardware or software ?
UDP flood crash on Digital alpha
Crash in APM with .8
SIGIO oddities in TCP
rwhod/dummy crash
running out of memory crashes - is this a libc5.3.12/mmap/mremap not being
properly subject to limit issue ?
Report that srcroute is still faulty
Odd tunnel behaviour report (SIOC errors while loaded)

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