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SubjectRe: CD-ROM I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 843150
Herbert Rosmanith:

: does the above message mean that the cdrom (the disk, not the drive)
: is defective ?
: I get a lot of this messages after dd if=/dev/scd0 of=/dev/null:

: scsi0 channel 0 : resetting for second half of retries.
: Additional sense indicates Random positioning error
: CD-ROM I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 843138

: the bad thing is that I cannot ^C the process doing dd nor kill -9 it,
: so it's stuck somewhere in the kernel.

Interesting how suddenly everybody has the same complaint.
Use the raset that I posted recently to set the read ahead to 0
and the problems are gone. (But the CD becomes very slow.)

So, no, neither your disk nor your drive are defective,
it is just the kernel that does not handle errors very elegantly yet.

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