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SubjectRe: USENET feeds please?
In article <4og1mq$>,
H. Peter Anvin <> wrote:
> The current list of hub sites are:

[list snipped]

Hmmmm.... none of those hub sites are in the UK, and none are too close
in terms of hops to PIPEX. I volunteer PIPEX as a stratum 2 (or 3) hub
site in the UK as I think we could help speed up propogation of linux.*
if we had a few bi-directional peerings with stratum 2 (or 1) linux.*
sites. We'd be happy to pass on linux.* (as we do already) to all of
our peers, which includes most of the other big UK service providers,
several dial-up service providers in the UK, our parent company UUNET,
and PIPEX International partners spread across most European countries.

BTW, posting from home but one of my hats at PIPEX is Newsmaster.



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