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Subjectmultiple ether problems

i have been trying to configure 2 ethernet cards on a linux machine
for use i,sn firewalling. i have 2 ne2000 clones, each of which seem to
work fine. i have added an append ether = "11,0x340,eth1" in lilo.conf
and the kernel comes up and recognizes both devices. i then used
ifconfig to bring them both up w/o error. for test purposes i have
both cards connected to a single hub. i can not ping to or from
the eth1 device, although it is apparently configured with its own
ip. i have swapped the cards in the pc and have confirmed that either
card will fault if it gets registered as eth1. i am using kernel
1.99.7. Any help would be appreciated.

Indra Heckenbach

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