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SubjectRe: mutilated IP over nullmodem cable
On Wed, 29 May 1996, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:

> I am trying to have a CSLIP line over a nullmodem cable. Both computers
> have a 16550, so I was using 38400 kbit/sec, but somebody told me I
> should better use 19200. so I did, but the results where the same.
> thus, I lowered the speed to 4800, but now just every packet is
> truncated, even icmp-echo-requests:


> terminalsessions are fine, so I doubt it's the cable (which I soldered to-
> gether myself)

Did you make a full null-modem cable? From the Serial-HOWTO:

If you want to have hardware handshaking signals, you must have a full
null modem cable:

TxD Transmit Data 2 - 3 RxD Receive Data
RxD Receive Data 3 - 2 TxD Transmit Data
RTS Request To Send 4 - 5 CTS Clear To Send
CTS Clear To Send 5 - 4 RTS Request To Send
DSR Data Set Ready 6 - 20 DTR Data Terminal Ready
SG Signal Ground 7 - 7 SG Signal Ground
DCD Carrier Detect 8 - 20 DTR Data Terminal Ready
DTR Data Terminal Ready 20 - 6 DSR Data Set Ready
DTR Data Terminal Ready 20 - 8 DCD Carrier Detect

CSLIP works OK here (dedicated phone line). AFAIK you can set the ports to
spd_vhi with setserial & have a connection at 115kbps. It *should* work.


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