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SubjectRe: Pre2.0.8 spontaneous reboots?

On Tue, 28 May 1996, Derrik Pates wrote:
> On our Linux server, we are having a problem with the pre2.0.8 kernel
> producing random reboots. It's not the system, as it behaves properly
> under pre2.0.7, so does anyone know of any changes that could cause it?

Can you send in the hardware configuration for the machine, and
preferably some info on what you use it for? Any patterns at all?

The only changes in pre2.0.8 are:
- some sparc-specific stuff in the floppy driver removed (turned out the
stuff wasn't needed)
- IDE driver probes for "Triton II" hardware too.. Maybe there is a
problem with the "Triton II", if you have IDE drives, please just
remove the last ide_probe_pci() line that was added to 2.0.8 (seach for
ide.c in the pre2.0.8 patch to see this).
- de4x5 driver adds a sanity check (looks like it couldn't possibly make
a difference, do you have that driver?)
- tunnel driver does open/close even when not compiled as a module
- seagate SCSI driver warning removed
- truncate() system call correctly iput's the inode if a file lock
results in error conditions..
- i_size was changed back to off_t (original behaviour)
- IP firewall ACK firewalling change
- route.c minor added check..

Can you check out the "ide.c" and "route.c" changes (both are _very_
small), and maybe reverse those two and tell me whether the behaviour
goes back to normal? I really can't see what could possibly make a
difference in pre2.0.8 otherwise (the patch is large, but 99.5% of it is
PPC stuff, and I assume you don't have a PPC).


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