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SubjectTCP/IP bug ?
In earlier kernels, like 1.3.90, I had no problems with CVS using it
over a modem (ppp), but using my linux box as a gateway made CVS fail.

With kernel 1.3.98 I had no problems with CVS whatsoever.

After switching to kernel 1.99.6, I have problems with CVS *always*, both
direct and when the kernel as gateway.

This is what I am seeing:

~/c++>cvs update libr
cvs server: Updating libr
cvs server: Updating libr/buffers
cvs server: Updating libr/buffers/tests
cvs server: Updating libr/kernel
U libr/kernel/iodbbuf_fd_data.h
P libr/kernel/
P libr/kernel/select.h
cvs [update aborted]: premature end-of-file from server

It happens when "large" ammounts are sent, so after a 'while'.

I'd like to know if this problem is known and worked on, otherwise I can't
use the latest kernel(s) :(.

Please CC me since I am not subbed to this list.


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