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SubjectRe: Speaking of history...
Remy Card wrote:
> In article <>,
> <> wrote:
> > All this talk about OMAGIC binaries and pre-Linux-1.0
> >reminds me of something. Do any of you hackers still have a virgin
> >copy of Linux 0.12? I recall one discussion I had on this list
> >with Ted Ts'o and Chad Page a year and a half ago, and I ended up
> >with a "hacked" copy of Linux 0.12. Are there any original versions
> >left?
> Yep. Have a look at

Thanks, Remy. This is, in fact, the same hacked version that
Ted has, but it'll do for now. Do you, by any chance, know where I
can find a suitable fs snapshot for this release? I know this is
asking for too much, especially since we're in the middle of a
2.0 code freeze right now, but I guess the stupid question is the
unasked one (did I get that right?).

> Remy

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