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SubjectRe: majordomo problems?
On Tue, 28 May 1996 wrote:

> aeb:
> > But can anybody explain why the linux-kernel mailing list
> > (that has so much traffic that not many people will like to get it
> > in their mailbox) and the newsgroup
> > (that is `nonstandard' and not carried at many sites)
> > aren't replaced by comp.os.linux.development.kernel ?
> Alan:
> Because then we would have to create some new mail lists that were not full
> of junk cros posts and flame wars. Linux-kernel has got to the point where
> the serious work is being done in secret little mailing lists, let alone the
> state of usenet.
> Right now there is no difference between a usenet group and
> the linux-kernel mailing list. Comparing volume at my site:
> comp/os/linux/development/system: 307 articles
> linux/dev/kernel: 656 articles
> The state of comp/os/linux/development/system concerning flames
> and the like is not worse than that of linux/dev/kernel - it may be
> better - I have not seen any discussions about the speed of light there.
> Already now the real work is done in mail between few people.
> I cannot see any reason not to make linux/dev/kernel an ordinary
> news group.
> Andries

the news server at my school is slow as hell... this list is much easier
to read...

my .02 cents,

-taylor cc (ixx)

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