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SubjectPre 2.0.8 oddities...
I've just attempted to upgrade from 1.3.69 to pre2.0.8...
I have upgraded all the items noted on the kernel victims page...


1) The new kernel boots fine (the first time). When attempting a
reboot, lilo can't load the image. My old(er) 1.3.69 image loads
without problem. The only way to get the pre2.08 image to load
again is to rebuild it (or move an uncorrupted version in place).

2) Netscape trashes its preferences (gold, v3b4).

Relevant hardware: Adaptec 2940W (SCSI), Disks are all SCSI, Ethernet is
an eepro/10.

TIA for any help... meantime I'm falling back.

Michael Breuer

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