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Subject[NOISE] Re: tcp/ip filtering
In article <> you write:
>unwanted picture name in the html source... It would probably be a happy(?)
>side effect that an incoming web page would have <IMG SRC="breast.gif">,
>and the filterer would notice breast.gif and stop the connection... (Im not

I know the attitudes responsible for your choice of example are not your
fault, but that sentence gave me pause on just how screwed up our society
(on this side of the atlantic, anyways) is. Of all the images one might
want to scan for - I might for instance, sympathize with a scanning engine
that catches things like "17_guys_being_slaughtered_by_an_AK-47.jpg" or
"woman-being-raped.gif" - but no, we are busily scanning for "breast.gif"
<sigh> What have we come to?

Baba baby mama shaggy papa baba bro baba rock a shaggy baba sister
shag saggy hey doc baba baby shaggy hey baba can you dig it baba baba
E7 E3 90 7E 16 2E F3 45 * Stuart Smith * 28 24 2E C6 03 02 37 5C
<> *

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