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SubjectRe: An idea: a database of modules settings
>>>>> "Kees" == Kees van Reeuwijk <> writes:

Kees> This sounds awfully similar to the 'registry' of Microsoft
Kees> Windows 95 and Windows NT. As far as I can tell, they have
Kees> designed this quite well, and for a similar purpose, so why
Kees> not steal part or all of their design? Their particular
Kees> organization in the hierarchy looks a bit weird to me, but
Kees> that doesn't mean the basic idea isn't sound.

Kees> In particular, their hierarchy of access keys would fit quite
Kees> well in the wosisname filing system of Linux that contains all
Kees> this kernel information. (Sorry, the name escapes me for the
Kees> moment.)

Kees> Most info on the registry can probably be found on the web. By
Kees> request I can do some digging there myself.

This is overlapping with discussions about general Linux software
configuration and, er, registries and things like that.

If you are interested, there is a mailing list covering such things
(though they won't agree on calling it a registry yet ;-). To join,
mail `' with the
subject `subscribe' and no message.

-- Jamie Lokier

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