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SubjectRe: sound driver broken in 1.3.96+ ?
> The only error message that I see is:
> kernel: Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?
> Relevant system configuration:
> P100, 32Mb RAM
> Sound Blaster 16 : I/O base 220, IRQ 5, DMA 1, 16 bit DMA 5

I see it many times.
(Gravis UltraSound i/o 220, irq 11, dma 1 ,,DX4-100 ,16M)

when i was using a 16 bit DMA (dma 6) these messages showed
up _much_ more frequently.

I did not report it becuse i thinked i have a crap motherboard that just
not likes the GUS. (the GUS manual writes something about dma problems
with bad mb)

Now i tried it with 1.2.13 and got no messages.
I don't know which 1.3. kernel started to send these messages becuse i was
always using 1.3.x and i bought the GUS sometime in Nov. 95. (~1.3.43)

i think it happens only under heavy load. (i.e. i never got them when i
cat something to /dev/audio, but usually (always with 16bit dma) got them
while playing doom for a while)

oh, and just asked my friend and he is getting these too. (with a GUS and
a dx40)


Gyula Matics Linux!

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