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SubjectRe: OMAGIC a.out not working with 1.3.99
>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Gortmaker <> writes:

Paul> - From Jamie Lokier ( Tue, 21 May 96
Paul> 21:00 BST

>> My really old OMAGIC a.out /bin/ping doesn't run any more: strace
>> says:
>> execve("/bin/ping", ["ping"], [24 vars]) = -1 ENOEXEC (Exec
>> format error)
>> This is from Slackware 1.2. Some might suggest I fetch and
>> recompile it, but that's not the point. This is with binfmt_aout
>> loaded as a module. (Yes, the module _is_ loaded).

Paul> Your binary is corrupted somehow. It can't be any older than
Paul> this one, because this one dates back to the major changes at
Paul> 0.99.10 where all net tools had to be recompiled.

You're right. Some version of `strip' (around December 1995) removed 8
more bytes it should have done (from the data section), although this
didn't prevent execution until recent kernels. I have verified that
binutils- gets the size right.

-- Jamie

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