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SubjectRe: MM bug
On Mon, 27 May 1996, Martin Mares wrote:

> yet): You can simply crash the system by issuing "grep any_string /dev/zero".
> As the lines in /dev/zero have infinite length, grep tries to allocate still more
> memory for its line buffer until the memory is exhausted. But no out of memory
> message appear and the system gets frozen (interrupts work, but normal processes

Hmmm....seems to work well for me...

[alfre@pulp alfre]$ grep nada /dev/zero
grep: memory exhausted
[alfre@pulp alfre]$ uname -a
Linux 1.99.7 #1-pre-2.0 Tue May 21 20:30:46 MET DST 1996 i486

-- Alfredo

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