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SubjectRe: Pre2.0-8 & Sendmail

>I just upgraded from 1.3.100 to Pre2.0-8 and it appears that sendmail has
>broke. Whenever anyone attemps to sendmail from this system or incomming
>mail from the "outside" world appears, I get the following error message:
>May 28 08:05:31 mike sendmail[217]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): cannot
>lockf(/etc/aliases.dir, fd=6, type=1, omode=37777777777, euid=0): Device
>or resource busy
>Rebooting back into 1.3.100 corrects the problem so I belive all my
>permissions and things are fine. I would really like to check out the new
>PPP fixes, but can't untill I get this problem fixed.

In recent kernels, it is now forbidden for a same process to hold
lockf and flock locks, in order to avoid dead locks. Apparently
sendmail does this. I had the same problem, upgraded sendmail, and it
went away.
However, this new sendmail has a new problem: it has an attitude :-(
In order to fix this, locate the definitions of the smtp, esmtp and
relay mailers, and add 8 to the flags:

Mesmtp, P=[IPC], F=8mDFMuXa, S=11/31, R=21, E=\r\n,


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