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Ok, I'm back, and I put out a pre-2.0.8 on the normal linux kernel ftp sites.

This release mainly fixes the minix-fs problem (duh - I had made a change to
make a pre-version of gcc-2.8 not complain as much, and that change backfired
in another place - teach me to do things right next time). It also updates the
PPC tree a lot (it doesn't quite work yet, but the patches are getting
smaller). The largest part of the patches by far is the PPC stuff (the patch
looks large, but the non-PPC stuff is more-or-less a just few one-liners).

The tunnel device driver should also work again (even when compiled into the
kernel, it worked ok as a module even before), and "truncate()" should work
correctly with quotas. There are also some very minor fixes to SYN firewalling
rules and to route handling for gateways..


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