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SubjectRe: random() in kernel
Followup to:  <199605271747.SAA08584@oberon>
By author: Pedro Roque Marques <>
In newsgroup:
> I need to obtain random numbers in the kernel, to be more clear i'm
> looking for statistic random numbers. Since there are a lot of people
> out there that got some handly algorithms i would like a pointer to
> them. The generator doesn't need to be very good, size and speed are
> major concerns. The reason why the phisical event counter based
> entropy is not too good for my purposes is that the generator will be
> called right after system initialization and the fact that the
> objective is obtaining equally distributed numbers.
> What is in question here is the right time to send packets to the
> network to avoid colisions.

Why not snatch the value of the RTC as a seed for a plain ole
polynomial congruence generator?

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