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SubjectRe: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2
On 24 May 96 at 13:08, Herbert Rosmanith wrote:

> a rendom generator placed in the kernel is a thematical error.
> i always thought that an OS is an abstracion of the hardware.
> please put random generators to where they belong to: to the
> application level. put it into some static library.

Just imagine you have a real random device in the furture. Now you
already have an interface for it! To me it's more like the 387
emulator which is also in the kernel. Just imagine the /dev/random is
an abstraction for an existing random device.

> what's coming next anyway ? /dev/gaussian-distribution ?
> /dev/fancy-code-that-controls-my-refridgerator ? /dev/doom-level-10 ?
> only because you *can* do it doesn't mean that you *should* do it.

You know that you are not serious. This will weaken your argument
from above.

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