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SubjectRe: Your Mail
Brian Doherty thoughtlessly keyed:

>Sean Rafter wrote:
>> I'd really like to know how your bulk mail ends up on our server.
>> IP is This is the second time in a week that
>> your E-mail has appeared on our EMWAC holding router, and both times has
>> caused a total system crash, bringing down the Windows NT box.
>> Have you any IDEA how to avoid this? Are we or any of our domain users on
>> your mailing list? Your assistance is anticipated.
>> Sean Rafter SYSOP
>Perhaps you should get an operating system that doesn't crash when
>e-mail passes through it!
>Or is this another Micro$oft scheme to discourage use of Linux?
>Whenever the word "linux" passes through the network, kaboom!

Okay, I see the smiley at the end of your message, but you didn't offer
any possible solutions to his problem. I realize his tone may have been
a bit harsh, but when you've got a bunch of users screaming at you because
your mail server crashes, you tend to get a bit testy. Next time you decide
to be a smartass, how about thinking about ways to assist the person
with the problem, rather than turning them off to Linux altogether. Jokes
have their place, but this wiseass comment was totally out of line. Sean,
my recommendation to you is to send a message to
and see if the cause of your problem is actually with the listserver. I
for Brian's comment, and I hope you realize that not all of us are this
thoughtless. Sorry for the flame here, but I don't feel that we can win people
over to Linux as an alternative os by telling them that the one they are using
now is inadequate.


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