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SubjectRe: [NOISE] Re: tcp/ip filtering
Alain Knaff wrote:

> Why not use an administrative solution to this social problem? Have
> the parents sign a form to allow their children to access the net. The
> form would point out that certain ... errm ... items can be found on
> the net. Kids whose parents sign are issued a badge to access the
> rooms where the computers are. Kids whose parents don't sing are
> banned from using the school computers.
> Now it's the kid's parents call to decide whether they prefer to
> "keep their kids' souls pure" or whether they allow their kids to use
> the tools of the future :-) They have to understand that you can't
> have it both ways, we no longer live in the Middle Ages.

Very true.

That is similar to what my high school uses, and we don't have any [major]
problems. The kids must sign (and have their parents sign) a permission slip
stating that they are aware of the adult content on some parts of the net. If
a kid is caught perusing anything that isn't school related (it doesn't have to
be pornagraphy), then s/he is immediately denied access to the lab(s) for the
rest of the school year.

It works well for my school. Generally the only people who are ever caught
looking at naughty things are freshmen freaks. :)


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