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On Sun, 26 May 1996, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Anno Domini 25 May 96 at 8:08, William E. Roadcap wrote:
> > And why do you think those user apps where written for those OSs.
> > Because they fit the "users'" desktop....
> >
> What 'desktop' ? I woudnt call Apple II a desktop of any kind.

Excuse me, but I was refering to the desktop in the strict sense of the
work. (Desk Top)

> The reason why Apple II was a HUGE success was because of VisiCalc
> spreadsheet program.

Apple II?? Who was talking about the Apple II?

I agree that availability of good applications is one of keys to a successful
operating system. That is one of the points I use when arguing that Linux is
far supperior to MS junk. Lots of popular programs don't make an OS
superior, just popular. People don't buy and use Win95 because it is a good
OS (it's not), they buy it because it is what they must use to run the
applications they like.

However having popular applications is not the only key. It is also
important to make/keep Linux accessible to and usable by the masses. The
masses can't all afford a maxed out dedicated server and it is the masses
that made all those other computers and OSs popular. Do you think Viscalc
would have been popular if it only ran on Unix machines which in those days
were VERY large and expensive monsters indeed.

So, you see, I agree with you, but I think there is more to the equation.
You or I shouldn't call for the exclusion of features simply because we find
them non-useful. Others will find those same features quite useful. We must
try to see things from their point of view before invalidating their needs.
Let's not become state-of-the-art snobs just because we get to play with
the biggest, best and most expensive toys our employers are gracious
enough to buy.

> If you wanna make Linux a _real_ succees you need to find a similar
> 'killer ap'.

Perhaps, but unfortunately it is getting more and more difficult to invent
new killer apps for any platform. With some exceptions, we seem to just
be recycling and improving the same old stuff.

PS. Let's take any further discussion about this to private mail, Ok?

William E. Roadcap
TITUS Software
Waynesboro, Va (USA)

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