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SubjectSCSI tape I/O errors with pre2.0.7
With linux-pre2.0.7 I am getting a SCSI subsystem lockup while
trying to read a SCSI QIC-250 tape with tar. The tape is read for
awhile and than tar freezes with a reported I/O error. I can
still switch windows and the mouse pointer still moves, but no
new programs can be started without an I/O error message being
displayed. I had to hard reset the system to reboot. I reran
the tar file restore with linux-pre2.0.6, and experienced no
problems. I am using a ncr53c810 controller with a Conner 2150
tape drive.


PS: I also have lockups when trying to edit/remove file on a minix
floppy with pre2.0.6.

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