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    SubjectRe: 520 byte sectors - any ideas?
    In, article <01I4OVL7PA02EQOMZW@CRF.IT>, writes:
    > A friend of mine got an IBM662 SCSI hard disk coming from an IBM AS/400
    > system and we tried to install and read it on a Linux system, to no avail.
    > Seems that these disks are low-level formatted with a 520-byte sector
    > size, which is correctly recognized by Linux on startup. [...]

    Ahh. Somebody else had the bright idea to use 512-byte sectors plus a few
    bytes for identifying the sector in case of crash.

    It's a rather good idea, IMHO, except that it creates problems left and
    right. (Left: Most disks can only be reformatted witzh powers-of-two sizes,
    right: disks with weird block sizes don't work most other places.)

    It should be possible to modify the SCSI driver to r/w the excess data
    from/to some Random Area, given either an adapter which can do
    scatter/gather or somebody who is willing to copy the block around once
    again, but there's a better solution: Reformat.

    > this is an unsupported size; Linux allows only 256,512 and 1024-byte
    > sectors. There are so many >>9 and <<9 in the code I really doubt it
    > could be easily modified.
    Besides, anything with a sector size != 512 won't boot with LILO.

    > Anybody out there had prior encounters with such disks? Any ideas?
    Yes. Get a reasonable SCSI control/formatting program and reformat the
    thing with 512-byte sectors.

    Don't ask me which program to use -- whenever I have that problem, I just
    grab the Mac laptop and startup HDT, a rather nice program to control just
    about everything your disk can do.
    Matthias Urlichs

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