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SubjectRe: Socket Destroy Delayed _Still_ Occur in 1.3.97
I have just started to get these messages since I fired up my NT
system which has been dormant for five months. I got them with 1.3.97
and I'm still getting them with pre2.0.7. When I try to connect from
NT to samba 1.9.13 running on Linux, I get the hourglass cursor on NT
and Linux will hang (except vt switching works) until NT fails with a
timeout dialog box, at which point Linux gives the "Socket destroy
delayed" message and comes back to life. Then I get another such
message every minute or so. Looks like something related to samba's
nmbd program, which is some kind of name server daemon that uses UDP.
I've never had a problem running TCP over my slip/slirp connection,
and telnet from NT to Linux works fine. FWIW, I'm using the lance32

Let me know how I can help track this down.


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