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SubjectRe: patch-kernel won't work for pre2.0
I decided that it wasn't worth modifying patch-kernel for this
short-term departure from the normal naming convention.

The original instructions for patching the kernel are still in the README,
and they still apply. You can even read the patch-kernel script to
find out how to apply the patch. You can even set up symlinks such that
"patch-1.99.x.gz -> patch-pre2.0.x.gz" (after dealing with the 1.3.100 ->
1.99.1 jump).

Actually, here is a quick script that should make a symlink farm so that
patch-kernel can be run. The first link is to take you over the 1.3 to
1.99 jump, but you have to start patch-kernel again.

ln -sf patch-pre2.0.1 patch-1.3.101.gz
ls patch-pre* \
| sed 's/patch-pre2\.0\.\(.*\)/ln -sf patch-pre2.0.\1 patch-1.99.\1/' \
| sh -x

The people trying out the pre2.0 kernels are assumed to be reasonably
savvy (and have backups :-). They should be able to manage the task of
patching, and if not, they download the whole 9 yards.

When it comes to the real 2.0, then the target audience for the patches
(the inevitable 2.0.1 - 2.0.n) is much larger. This is when I think
that patch-kernel will become much more useful.

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