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SubjectncrBsd2Linux-1.10 available

ncrBsd2Linux-1.10-src.tar.gz is available at:
- /pub/Linux/Incoming

FreeBSD NCR53C8XX SCSI driver adapted to Linux
Fast, Wide, Tagged Queue, Master Parity support

Primary-site: /pub/linux/ALPHA/scsi

Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/kernel/patches/scsi


A new installation script is provided. It allows to add the driver to the
linux tree without moving any standard files.
This script (Install2.ncr53c8xx) only supports linux-1.99.6, 1.99.7 and
some next releases (until some modification of sources will break the patch).
It is now possible to configure the both drivers (standard and Bsd) as
module and to install one of the both at run time.

The previous install script (Install.ncr53c8xx) must be used for linux
releases 1.2.13 and 1.3.X (X > 45), and can be used for 1.99.X.


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