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SubjectRe: 'java in kernel' defaults
Some facts, since I started this whole mess by having the GALL to write a 
driver to handle Java Binaries ;-)

1) The ORIGINAL hardcoded paths I sent to Linus WORK!

2) The ones that SOMEONE (not me, I was surprised when the new ones came,
as I was not even notified as a courtesy) submitted to patch with, do NOT

3) They primarily do not work, because Java is started by a script (the
original hardcoded path), which ASSUMES that a certain directory
structure exists under the directory that the script file resides in.
Using a symlink executes the script file, but the NEEDED directories
with the ACTUAL executables will not be found.

4) The person who wrote the driver (me) insured that it would work with
the distributed Linux Java package. The person who changed those paths
did not insure this, and seems to not have even checked it's feasibility.

5) I believe in the File System Standard, too.

6) Since the Java setup does NOT currently conform to the standard, it
make FAR MORE sense to use the flawed paths (that WORK), rather that
place out a driver that WILL NOT work.

7) Encouraging the Linux Java team to move to the standard will go a LOT
farther than simply breaking this new driver, without regard for their work.

8) We should go BACK to working on *ONE* team...........

Brian A. Lantz

REAL PORTION of Microsoft Windows code:
while (memory_available) {
eat_major_portion_of_memory (no_real_reason);
if (feel_like_it)
make_user_THINK (this_is_an_OS);

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