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SubjectRe: [NOISE] Re: tcp/ip filtering
>We have come to this point (at my school) because people do not name 
>their pictures "woman-being-raped.gif" or
>"17_guys_being_slaughtered_by_an_AK-47.jpg" ... instead they are named
>things like breast.gif and blood.gif...
Heck, they could also name in teddybear.gif. In some cases this name
would even be appropriate: Just think about what happened in
"Demolition Man" after the word "Teddy Bear" was said by the prisoner

> I am not a religious zealot or the
>next Big Brother... all I am trying to do is save my school some money so
>they don't have to buy 100 copies of SurfWatch... instead they can use a
>more secure and efficient system by having the packets filtered at the
>server level.

Why not use an administrative solution to this social problem? Have
the parents sign a form to allow their children to access the net. The
form would point out that certain ... errm ... items can be found on
the net. Kids whose parents sign are issued a badge to access the
rooms where the computers are. Kids whose parents don't sing are
banned from using the school computers.
Now it's the kid's parents call to decide whether they prefer to
"keep their kids' souls pure" or whether they allow their kids to use
the tools of the future :-) They have to understand that you can't
have it both ways, we no longer live in the Middle Ages.


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