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SubjectE-mail crashing Win NT
Forwarding a message from Brian P. Smyla:
> Brian Doherty thoughtlessly keyed:
> >Sean Rafter wrote:
> >>
> >> I'd really like to know how your bulk mail ends up on our server.
> >> IP is This is the second time in a week that
> >> your E-mail has appeared on our EMWAC holding router, and both times has
> >> caused a total system crash, bringing down the Windows NT box.
> >>
> >> Have you any IDEA how to avoid this? Are we or any of our domain users on
> >> your mailing list? Your assistance is anticipated.
> >>
> >> Sean Rafter SYSOP
> >
> >Perhaps you should get an operating system that doesn't crash when
> >e-mail passes through it!
> [...]
> Sean,
> my recommendation to you is to send a message to
> and see if the cause of your problem is actually with the listserver.

Since this is a Microsoft operating system which is crashing, the correct
procedure is to contact Microsoft for support.

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