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SubjectRe: transparent-proxy
> > To redirect sessions of some protocols (HTTP, FTP, Telnet, whatever you
> > like) to local proxy servers.
> but can't I do the same by using the ip-masquerading option ?

No. Masquerading just rewrites some addresses in the IP header,
but nothing is redirected. It's just then session that the client
requested, but partly with rewritten IP headers.

> for telnet, I can achieve the same results with masquerading.

Not if you want to do more authentication, for example. Think of
the telnet proxy server that comes with the TIS firewall toolkit.

> for httpd and ftp this would make sense, since their requests
> can be cached (allthough most http/ftp clients have proxy-support?)

Right. But this enables an ISP (for example) to _force_ the use
of proxies, because the use of proxy servers doesn't depend anymore
on the settings of the client programs.

> are there other possibilities for usage ?

Yes, many. Like running 2 different servers for the same protocol.
Dependent on the sender address, the input firewall rules can redirect
the incoming session to a certain port. For example: DNS request from
the outside world: use port 53, DNS request from internal hosts: use a
different server on port 5353.

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