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    SubjectRe: loopback broken in 1.99.7
    Jonathan H. Pickard:

    : The loopback device in 1.99.7 puts processes who attempt to close it into a
    : coma (using mount-2.5j). It's possible to use losetup to get status on it
    : and to attach a file to it, and it's possible to read the data on the other
    : end of it, but once anything tries to close it, the process freezes and
    : hangs forever in a state like (after the attached xterm is killed off)

    : 9311 ? DW 0:00 (losetup)

    You gave a lot of config details, but do not give the commands you use.
    I just checked again that I can open and read/write and close a file
    via /dev/loop0 without any problems in 1.99.7.


    [Not that I am convinced that the loop code is correct right now.
    There used to be the possibility of a deadlock (because loop
    needs another buffer before it can write a buffer to disk),
    and I have not checked that this problem cannot occur anymore.
    But this would be a kind of deadlock that kills the system,
    while you describe a single hanging process.]

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