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SubjectRe: RH 3.0.3 and Buslogic 948
  From: Alex Pikus <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 14:00:15 -0500

I tried installing the RH 3.0.3 today onto my BT-948 and the kernel did not
see the card ... DOS sees it just fine ...

What do you guys recommend?


The problem and its solution are explained in the README.BusLogic that ships
with recent kernels and my BusLogic driver releases.



The BT-948/958/958D PCI Ultra SCSI Host Adapters have some features which may
require attention in some circumstances when installing Linux.

o PCI I/O Port Assignments

When configured to factory default settings, the BT-948/958/958D will only
recognize the PCI I/O port assignments made by the motherboard's PCI BIOS.
The BT-948/958/958D will not respond to any of the ISA compatible I/O ports
that previous BusLogic SCSI Host Adapters respond to. This driver supports
the PCI I/O port assignments, so this is the preferred configuration.
However, if the obsolete BusLogic driver must be used for any reason, such as
a Linux distribution that does not yet use this driver in its boot kernel,
BusLogic has provided an AutoSCSI configuration option to enable a legacy ISA
compatible I/O port.

To enable this backward compatibility option, invoke the AutoSCSI utility via
Ctrl-B at system startup and select "Adapter Configuration", "View/Modify
Configuration", and then change the "ISA Compatible Port" setting from
"Disable" to "Primary" or "Alternate". Once this driver has been installed,
the "ISA Compatible Port" option should be set back to "Disable" to avoid
possible future I/O port conflicts. The older BT-946C/956C/956CD also have
this configuration option, but the factory default setting is "Primary".

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