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SubjectRe: Other Screen Savers.
At 02:01 PM 5/24/96 +0000, you wrote:
> I know people are already complaining about Kernel bloat (ie the
>CONFIG_RANDOM debate). But would it be possible to add extra screen savers
>into the kernel (as optional modules only). For example package the LOCKVC
>1.9 (c) 1994,1995 by Matthias Straub. Or the twinkling stars from
> Now i'm willing to write these myself if no one else is willing.
>But I need a little push in the right direction so I know where to start.
>I'll also need to ask someone questions about how to program this
>correctly as possible cause I've never do any hacking in the kernel
> reply-to:
I actually like the idea of having something other than blank screen... my
vote is for the stars.

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