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SubjectRe: TTY switching - SysReq rather than Alt please?
Shawn Rutledge ( wrote:
> > > It occurs to me that a better key binding for switching consoles, and for
> > > switching from X to text would be Alt-SysReq Function-key so that the
> > > Alt function keys could be used by programs. Any hope of this change being
> > > implemented? Or reasons why not?
> > >
> >
> > 1. On most notebooks/etc SysReq is a combination of Fn+PrtSc(or any other
> > key) - i.e. Alt-SysRq+F1 == Alt-Fn-SysRq-F1... Iv just tryed tu push it
> > 8-O That's not easy ;-))
> >
> > 2. It seems not all keyboards have SysRq...

my idea was pretty simple but never has been picked up :

use alt <###> where <333> is the number of the VC you want to switch to. The
<###> is on the numpad. for the event that you need to send raw keys, escape
first with alt <999> to switch VC switching off and atl <998> to switch it
back on or so. A few system calls to have it done from a program and all is
OK. Note that theer is an operating system that does it that way and I have
received a written OK to use this way. however, I'm not somebody that simply
can implement it. I know something about C but not too much.

IMHO the best way to switch VC's.

Truus, the choise of the usenet generation.

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