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SubjectRe: Linux logo idea: Born Free!
On Thu, 23 May 1996, Charles Durst wrote:

> I know that the penguin character has been "approved" and seems to have
> caught on. Some of my best friends are penguins (or think they are).
> After all, Linux is young, and will be a ferocious competitor someday
> (if it isn't already). But most of all, it is the first true Unix
> system to my knowledge to be created as free software right from the
> start!

You're right. I see the light. Really what Linux needs is a really
cute looking penguin for the logo. Sorta like that penguin that Bug Bunny
meets every once in awhile (Yeah I still watch cartoons!). This can
represent Linux's youth, and as it gets older the penguin can become
larger, more ferocious looking (teeth, blood, scars). And finally when
Linux dominates the known world, the discusting, horrific penguin can
carry a head the sorta resembles Mr. Gates...

*Shudder* too much Linux Doom and Linux Abuse for me!!

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