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On Sun, 19 May 1996, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> My reason for putting any bytesaving efforts on _very_ low priority
> is mainly because I see Linux as a 'server OS' not so much a 'desktop
> OS'. Boxes dedicated to server use usually have adecuate resources
> available. This also explains why I dont see the usefullness of
> 'kerneld'.


Although I see your point, and agree to a _certain_ extent, there are many of
us who want to see Linux become a mainstream success. Although I hate to
make a comparison to DOS and Windows, those OS's (can we call them that?)
became such successes partly because they fit the desktop so well.

Linux should be configurable enough to allow those with enough resources to
use it as a full blown "server OS" with all the frills. At the same time it
should be able to fit the small desktop machine nicely. I think we are doing
a very good job at meeting those requirements without one platform stepping
on the other's toes. I know we still have issues to resolve, after all it's
a development kernel. We will resolve these issues so long as we can keep an
open mind and try to see the value in a feature that some may find useful
even if others don't.

William E. Roadcap
TITUS Software
Waynesboro, Va (USA)

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