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SubjectRe: 2.0 logo !
> I saw the logo competition on
> (well before it stopped working ;-)
> but anyway I think the logo on
> is really best, the others are kind of nothing special.

I fully agree: the two best submissions combined in one picture.
Except... (see below).

> One suggestion:
> try to add all the logogs of the supportet systems (even the intel inside
> one), because I think the "SPARC" thing logo is even better than the
> others!

I would vote for not including an architecture name, nor a version number
(2.0). A logo should be simple, and it should not outdated just after
it's released.

Of course, some variants could be made, but I think it's a good idea
to keep textual additions outside the rectangle containing the logo.

One variant could (and should) be the logo with the text "Powered by"
above it, for example to be used on WWW home pages on Linux servers.

-- Jos Vos <>
-- X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV | Phone: +31 20 6938364
-- Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Fax: +31 20 6948204

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