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SubjectRe: CONFIG_RANDOM option for 1.99.2 [OFFTOPIC]
lilo wrote:
> On Tue, 21 May 1996, Albert Cahalan wrote:
> > Maybe. According to _Physics_Classical_and_Modern_ (1993),
> > the Aharonov-Bohm effect suggests that action at a distance is
> > possible. (this is quantum mechanics) Oddly, this does _not_
> > violate the limit of signals not going faster than light.
> >
> > Perhaps someone can explain? (in under 1000 pages!)
> If the same generous soul feels it's off-topic, please cc: me :)
> lilo

Ok, I've had all I can handle of keeping quiet. I am currently
reading _About_Time_ by Paul Davies, and I haven't gotten to anything
explaining 'action at a distance' yet though I've read half the book
so far. Does this have anything to do with the Swarchoid(sp?) radius
effect where the observer at the critical radius actually does fall
into the black hole/singularity while the observer far will see the
event "frozen in time"??

cc me in on this one too.


ps - Maybe we should create a new mailing list for quantum mechanics?

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