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SubjectRe: New snapshot: modules-1.3.69g
Bjorn Ekwall wrote:
> Hi all!
> I just put "modules-1.3.69g.tar.gz" on my web-page.
> If this works out, I will make it "modules-1.3.100"(?) Real Soon,
> and put it on the ftp sites you all love...
> I have tried to include all patches that I could find in my mailbox, wrote:
> The gdbm file is also modifiable by user programs and can be reloaded
> into a running kerneld by doing "kill -1" on kerneld.

If memory serves, SIGHUP is the signal normally sent to a daemon to
cause it to reread its configuration files. Perhaps kerneld should
follow this pattern to avoid confusion.

Paul H. Hargrove All material not otherwise attributed is the opinion of the author or a typo.

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