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SubjectInstalling Modules should be in Linux README; (micro)patch
If 2.0.working is coming out soon, the modules system should be being 
used by more people generally, especially cluless ones like myself, so
here's a small suggestion for a patch to the readme (against pre2.0.4
because that's what I've got up to so far)


Scottish Climbing Archive: <>
Linux/Unix clone@

--- README.orig Thu May 23 13:17:18 1996
+++ README Thu May 23 13:31:13 1996
@@ -138,6 +138,11 @@
"make zlilo" if you have lilo installed to suit the kernel makefiles,
but you may want to check your particular lilo setup first.

+ - if you configured any of the parts of the kernel as `modules', you
+ will have to do "make modules" followed by "make modules_install".
+ Read Documentation/modules.txt for more information. For example,
+ an explanation of how to use the modules is included there.
- keep a backup kernel handy in case something goes wrong. This is
especially true for the development releases, since each new release
contains new code which has not been debugged.

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