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SubjectLinux logo idea: Born Free!
I know that the penguin character has been "approved" and seems to have
caught on. Some of my best friends are penguins (or think they are).

But it occurred to me the other day, that perhaps a more appropriate and
memorable character would be "Elsa the lion cub" from the Book and Movie
"Born Free".

After all, Linux is young, and will be a ferocious competitor someday
(if it isn't already). But most of all, it is the first true Unix
system to my knowledge to be created as free software right from the

I see these advantages:

1) I believe it meets all of Linus' requirements for customization, etc.
(but I don't have a copy of the original list handy to double check).

2) It emphasizes the correct meaning of the word "Free."

3) It can be pictured as either cute and cuddly, or ferocious.

and these disadvantages:

1) "Born Free" might be trademarked or copyrighted or something, but I'm
guessing that any such restrictions might only apply to references to
that particular story, I doubt that someone owns the rights to it as
a slogan. (But I don't even play a lawyer on TV, so what do I know?)

2) A lion cub can be hard to draw without making it come out looking
like either a pussy-cat or a bear or something (unless you work for

3) An adult lioness can be hard to represent since there is no mane to
make it obvious that it's not a panther or other big cat.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention it to see what people think.

Charles Durst .------------------------------------------------.
=======================| |======
Linux: Born Free! | |

P.S. - I'm not on this list (I can't get any response from, but I'll keep trying), so please CC me on
any replies. Thanks.

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