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SubjectRe: 2 Ether cards for more bandwidth?
Larry McVoy ( wrote:
: What you say is true, but it is possible to use two cards (or three) to
: get more bandwidth, if and only if you wire all of your systems this way.
: I wrote a BSD driver that round robined over multiple cards and got
: 30Mbits/sec back around 1992 or so at Sun.

: Today, a better choice is to just use 100Mbit.

The advantage of having two ethernets in parallel and say using the "EQL"
driver on it is redundancy. You can get 20Mbit out of the setup (if all
your hosts have it), and if for some reason the link is broken you drop
to 10Mbit as opposed to losing the entire network.

I'm not sure if the EQL driver will handle muliple hosts connected up,
but this type of redundancy isn't anything new either...
-Matt ( DI-1-9026
"That which can never be enforced should not be prohibited."

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