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SubjectRe: Media Change detection..
"Robert O'Kane" <> writes:

> Greetings,
> Is there any way (planned or implemented) to detect when a cd(rom)
> is loaded into the drive? I see the "media changed" sense codes in
> the ide(-cd) drivers but I see no way to trigger VFS to acknowledge
> the "event".
> Where should I look ?
> I would prefer IDE-CDROM drives but any information would be
> appreciated.
> (currently using 1.3.98 VERY happily)
> Thank you in advance,
> Robert O'Kane
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> Robert O'Kane
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well this is as good as place as any, to end the myth.

IDE CDROM's run without the EIDE controller, the old type just fine, i
thought this might be true for linux, but it is also true of dos as well.

So we can all of us on ISA Bus machines, can trash our EIDE controllers
at least if we live in a Linux world, i guess i really do need a EIDE
controller with 528 meg hard drives at least if i want dos to see past
528 meg... or this another hoax, Is the EIDE controller for ISA bus
machines just a way to enable mult-sector support?


-- (james diekens)
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