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SubjectRe: mutex syscall patch, questions about clone and its possible bugs
> > 	  Chris Provenzano thinks that a valid programming paradigm might
> > require using a thousand threads in one application. But keep in mind
> > that he's thread fanatic.
> I remember he mentioned his thousand threads, and at the time I tought
> there were applications that did that, now I see it was just a wild
> dream of him.

Generally, when you see people start talking about hundreads and
thosuands of threads, you can pretty much write them off as 'thread
crazy' and durect your attention elsewhere.

Lots of people tend to forget that there -are- other ways to achieve
the same effect that threading provides without using threads. That
little fact often gets forgotten in the race to add the latest
high-tech buzzword to make the guys in marketing happy.

However there are times when threads yeild advantages that can't be
had any other way. I guess its a matter of knowing how to balance
things out and where the real benefits can be gotten from.

The thousand threads guy will come down sooner or later and do just
fine, I am sure.


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