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SubjectNFS mounted mail from Solaris2.5 fails

Is this a problem related to the recent ``flock|fcntl'' discussion or am I just missing some trivial point. Our mail server is running Solaris2.5 an the /etc/dfs/dfstab entry for its /var/mail is this:

share -F nfs -o root=jam:lucas:rama:vega:chip:meteor:assar:razor:bamse:orion:hagbard:volga:mozart:karin:puh:jonas:watson:shannon,rw=jam:lucas:rama:vega:chip:meteor:assar:razor:bamse:orion:hagbard:volga:mozart:karin:puh:jonas:watson:shannon:pc7201:pc7202:pc7203:pc7204:pc7205:pc7206:pc7207:pc7208:pc7209:pc7210:pc7211:pc7212:pc7213:pc7214:pc7215:pc7216:pc7217:pc7218:pc7219:pc7220:pc7221:pc7222:pc7222 -d "/var/mail" /var/mail

I'm not familiar with what this means exatly, but anyway, the result is that the /var/mail directory has the ``sticky bit'' set for others, I think:

drwxrwxrwt 3 root mail 1024 May 23 19:08 /var/mail

The problem is that I can't read my mail and I know that it has something to do with file locking. But I'm not that good on *nix that I know what to do. And yes, I've tried to get the ``system manager'' of the Solaris box to turn it off. No go.

Any pointers are most welcome.

Christian Jönsson
Nat. Def. Res. Est., Dep't of C&C Warf Tech
Division of Communication Systems FOA 72

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