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SubjectRe: 2 Ether cards for more bandwidth?
Yuri Per ( wrote:
: Derrik Pates asks:
: > Is it possible to put 2 Ethernet cards in one Linux box to increase
: > bandwidth? I'm not talking about bridging or firewalling, but 2 netcards
: > on the same machine and same network, to provide double effective
: > bandwidth. Is it possible?

: On the Ethernet only one card can send packets at the same time,
: so your two Ethernet cards will never work simultaneously and
: network speed will not be increased.

What you say is true, but it is possible to use two cards (or three) to
get more bandwidth, if and only if you wire all of your systems this way.
I wrote a BSD driver that round robined over multiple cards and got
30Mbits/sec back around 1992 or so at Sun.

Today, a better choice is to just use 100Mbit.
Larry McVoy (415) 933-1804
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