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SubjectNew CD-Rom-Code: How detect if cd is in drive?


I just read the docs about the new CD-Rom-interface and I think
its execellent...All the ioctls I waited for so long are there
Only a small fraction of the calls are actually working yet...
I know its quite bunch of work to implement all these call in all
the hardware dependent-drivers.
Are there plans to to have this ready when 2.0 comes out?

I am asking because I need a nice way to check if a CD is in the
drive and ready for operation.
This is easy for SCSI-CD-Rom (send TEST_UNIT_READY and check the
returned sense-key), but how can I do this for NON-SCSI-Drives?
(As long the above mentioned ioctls are not working).

Thanx for any hints,

Thomas Niederreiter

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