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SubjectRe: 2 Ether cards for more bandwidth?
	Um, no.

Ethernet is a broadcast media, so whatever is said
on the network all others hear.

Putting more people "broadcasting" stuff on the ethernet will
only cause more colissions on your network, and not increase performance.

To increase performance, I'd recommend getting a switched ethernet

- jared

Derrik Pates graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge:
> Is it possible to put 2 Ethernet cards in one Linux box to increase
> bandwidth? I'm not talking about bridging or firewalling, but 2 netcards
> on the same machine and same network, to provide double effective
> bandwidth. Is it possible? If so, is it any different than just putting
> in 2 netcards, adding the right "append=" line to LILO, and starting it
> up? If so, what? Would this introduce routing problems? Thanks much.
> Derrik Pates
> --
> Win95 isn't the problem - OS/2 and DOS are. Win95 is the answer.
> -- also --
> Linux is the answer to the same problem.
> -- but --
> Linux is free.

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